You will be given various links to Internet sites that will help you to answer the questions.

By the end of this PhysicsQuest you will have a better understanding of projectile motion by analyzing multimedia animations and completing a virtual lab activity.


By watching a weekend football game you could learn something other than who threw the most passes or gained the most yards.

Football provides some great examples of the basic concepts of physics!  Physics is present in the flight of the ball, the motion of the players and the force of the tackles.

In this investigation you will learn the characteristics of projectile motion which is the kind of motion followed by the ball.
Part 2.

The Plane and the Package
The Truck and the Ball

Both simulations show a situation where a plane and a truck are moving at constant speed. The plane drops a package from its luggage compartment and the truck projects a ball upward.

4. Neglecting the effects of air resistance, explain why
   after being thrown,  the package remains directly
   below the plane and the ball remains directly above
   the truck.
Part 3.


Print the Lab Worksheet:

The lab is divided into three sections.
Click on each link to complete the activity.

Part I. Projectile Motion

Part II. Hole-in-One

Part III. Graphical Analysis of Motion
Part 1.

Parabolic Motion of Projectiles

The animation shows a comparison of a projectile thrown horizontally to an object in free-fall.

1. In the absence of air resistance, why does the horizontal
   component of velocity for a projectile remain constant,
   and why does only the vertical component change?

2. How does the downward component of the motion of a
   projectile compare to the motion of free fall?

3. At the instant a ball is thrown horizontally over a level range,
   a ball held at the side of the first is released and drops to the
   ground.   If air resistance can be neglected, which ball - the
   one thrown or the one dropped from rest - strikes the
   ground first?
(*) PLUG-INs

In order to play the simulations you need to have SHOCKWAVE installed in your computer.

To open the worksheet you need Acrobat Reader
Projectile Motion